Apr 30, 2013

Read this BEFORE purchasing a Sephra chocolate fountain

Sephra Chocolate and Canada

Source(Fountain) of melted(enamored) chocolate with dipped fruit

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I am a huge fan of chocolate fountains. I own one, I use it frequently, and quite frankly it has only served to feed an ongoing chocolate addiction. But, I was careful before I bought it. I did research before I purchased to ensure that I had found a fountain that was fit my (largely personal use) needs, and I found different brands to compare before I bought.

Ultimately, one brand that stood out to me was Sephra. Now this website is dedicated to chocolate fountains of all kinds, not just one particular brand, but I have found that this brand stands out amongst the rest so I have awarded it one full article of attention on only its designs. This article will detail the specific types of fountains that Sephra sells, as well as offer buying advice for those looking to purchase.

Now, why is it so important that you read this BEFORE making that purchase? Buying a chocolate fountain on impulse, before you’ve seriously considered your needs and what fountain suits them best, too often yields a very frustrated you and a lot of burnt chocolate (from picking the wrong size, using the wrong chocolate, etc). Sephra is a great brand, but their products will only work for you if you select the right one based on your needs.

Tips on buying a chocolate fountain

By considering just a few simple factors about your chocolate fountain purchase, you can save yourself countless hours of frustration and time wasting.

Keep the following in mind when purchasing:

  • Purpose – Be sure to select a fountain based primarily around the reason you’re buying. Are you using it at a bridal shower, or is it meant to be for your personal Friday night? This will impact the size of the fountain that you need.
  • Size – Make sure to select a fountain whose chocolate carrying capacity matches the size of your guest list. Buying a fountain that needs more chocolate to run will result in waste, and buying a fountain that holds less will result in disappointed guests.

  • Accessories – Keep in mind any accessories that you purchase will add on to the cost of your fountain, but can also save you a lot of hassle. By making these purchases when necessary, you save yourself money and frustration.

  • The chocolate – Never forget the chocolate. But in seriousness, remember that you will have to buy chocolate on top of the fountain when factoring in the costs of buying one.

Sephra is one of the biggest names in the chocolate fountain industry. They have become known for their quality and their passionate dedication to this industry and they are absolutely available to Canadians, Americans, and any one else looking for a chocolate fountain.

However, Sephra has a lot of different designs, and if you don’t do your research before buying, you can end up frustrated and disappointed with your chocolate fountain purchase.

If you’ve read up on on the history of chocolate fountains, then you already know that Sephra was the first company to really popularize personal chocolate fountains. They were the first to come out with a really consumer friendly and cost efficient design, and thus they are one of my favourite companies to look at.

The Sephra design

There are three features that are present in each of the Sephra line: heated basins, quieted motor, and dishwasher safe parts.

The first of these is the heated basin. The fact that the base of this chocolate fountain is heated means that you can actually melt the chocolate in the fountain itself instead of having to melt it first and then pour it in.

The second key feature is the WhisperQuiet Motor. This is a Sephra patented design that ensures that as the chocolate fountain is running, it remains quiet. You wouldn’t think chocolate fountains could get annoying, but if they get loud…let’s just say even I can admit when I’m wrong, and I was when I thought that chocolate fountains could never be annoying.

The final key feature that is present in each of the Sephra line is that the parts of the fountains are all dishwasher safe. Anything that makes your job easier is an advantage, and cleaning chocolate fountains is made a lot easier with this design.

WARNING: I regularly check for any promotions and deals that Sephra is having. (I will always update the sidebar and these posts if there IS a sale going on.) Be wary of any website that has you purchasing from anything less than the official site, because these are often designed not only to not save you money, but in some cases to cost you more.

Chocolate fountains for the home

There are three distinct Sephra Chocolate Canada fountains: the Classic, the Elite, and the Select. Each of these fountains has a different price, and their varying sizes ensure that they cater to different purposes. The following table is an overview of cost, use, and chocolate capacity for each of the fountains, and detailed descriptions of each one follows after the table.

Let’s review in order of size.





The Sephra Select


16” by 9”

3-4 lbs

The Sephra Classic



4-6 lbs

The Sephra Elite


19” by 11”

4-6 lbs

Sephra Select Chocolate Fountain

The Sephra Select Chocolate Fountain is the smallest of the Sephra line. It is 16 inches tall, and 9 inches wide. It is made of a high quality steel that ensures that this product will not be easily broken any time soon.

It has to have at least 3 lbs of chocolate to run smoothly, and can hold up to 4. If you’ve already read our article on selecting a chocolate fountain, you will know that with that range it is suitable for serving approximately 20 people at any one time.

The particularly nice thing about the size of this fountain is that you have the option to put in less chocolate if you’re having a small get together for 10 or fewer. This reduces your waste of chocolate, and can save you money in the long run.

The Sephra Select is a perfect choice for the chocolate lover at home. Click here today if you’ve decided that this fountain is right for you and you’d like free shipping. 

Sephra Classic Fountain

The Sephra Classic fountain measures in at 18 inches high. It too has a steel base, making it both durable and affordable.

It has the capacity to carry between 4 and 6 lbs of chocolate. This is suitable for a group of between 20-40.

WARNING: With the minimum capacity of 4 pounds to run efficiently, you will need at least 20 people eating. If you are planning on serving less than 20 people, see the above information on the Sephra Select.

This capacity lends itself to a certain versatility. You can have a small dinner party or a bigger group event (like a baby shower) and still be satisfied by putting in the correct amount of chocolate.

The Sephra Classic works for the person who wants some flexibility in how they are using the chocolate fountain.

Click here today if you’ve found this versatility appealing and want to buy from the official Sephra website – with free shipping to boot!

Sephra Elite Fountain

The Sephra Elite fountain comes in at 19 inches high and 10 inches around.

It’s carrying capacity is also between 4-6 pounds, providing it with the same versatility as the Sephra Classic, but with a bit more height and more importantly, the addition of a temperature control mechanism.

WARNING: The same warning that applies to the Sephra Classic also applies to the Sephra Elite.

The temperature control mechanism on the Sephra Elite allows you to heat for temperatures that different types of dips would require. This means this suddenly is no longer merely a chocolate fountain, but also a caramel fountain, or cheese fountain, depending on your needs.

The Sephra Elite is Sephra chocolate Canada’s top of the line product for home use. Its chocolate capacity and temperature control option make it an excellent choice for any one looking for even more flexibility than the Sephra Classic.

Click here and use coupon code: ‘SEPHRACF’ to get a 10% discount on the Sephra Elite!


Chocolate fountains are a great investment for any frequent entertainer of friends or party guests. The important thing is that you select the fountain that is right for you, so that you can avoid ending up frustrated at what turned into a waste of both time and money.

The Select, the Classic, and the Elite are all great fountains for different occasions. You should not look at something bigger than the Select if you plan to use the chocolate fountain for less than twenty people on a regular basis.

Click here or check the sidebar to start the delicious path to more chocolate in your life with the safe, official Sephra product line today!

I will list any particular deals and promotions on the part of Sephra chocolate fountains.

May 1, 2013

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May 1, 2013

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May 1, 2013

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Are you going to buy chocolate fountain accessories? Which ones?

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May 1, 2013

The History of the Chocolate Fountain

The History of the Chocolate Fountain

People have been adoring chocolate for centuries. Literally. The history of chocolate is a tale which dates back as early as the culture of the Mayans.

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melted chocolate

Photo taken with permission from stockfreeimages.com

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